VAT Exemption

We are able to zero rate VAT for some of our products.  If you select the VAT exempt version of a product we require you to fill in a VAT exemption form. 

In order to satisfy this ruling we need to receive a signed declaration from you detailing:

Your Name and Address
Your Condition
Your Signature & Date

Zero-rated VAT applies for equipment designed solely for disabled people, which are being purchased for personal or domestic use for an individual who is chronically sick or has a disabling condition. This exemption applies where the goods, as described above, are being purchased by an individual or on his or her behalf by a parent, spouse or guardian, charity and certain other eligible establishments.

If you believe your order should be zero-rated you can make a VAT exemption declaration in the following ways:

Fill our our online VAT Exemption form.

Contact customer services on 0161 430 2151 or by email and they will provide you with a VAT exemption form to complete and return

Complete the form dispatched with your order

If you are a charity, please contact our customer services on 0161 430 2151 to request a Charity specific VAT Exemption Form.